Monday, February 2, 2015

Two Year Anniversary Vaping, What Works.. What Doesn't.. Why You Should Vape

On February 18 I will be celebrating two years of not smoking. At one time this seemed like something I would never achieve in my lifetime. I was a hard, two pack a day smoker who had spent thousands of dollars not only on cigarettes but on every gimmick ever contemplated by man to quit.

Hypnotism was the worst.. plunking down $150.00 to pretend I was in a trance and then listening to this awful CD every night with the worst droning voice owned by a human being saying "cigarettes bad... quitting good" for 45 minutes made me smoke even more in frustration and fury.

After that I would have to say taking Wellbutrin and Chantix just about ended my smoking by ending me. Can we just leave it at Paranoia and Night Terrors? What a crock. It's like the anti-smoking people saw me coming and upped their game especially for me. They wanted me dead.. and I agreed with them after consuming their idea of smoke cessation.

The eCab that Started it all!
Finally, on my 55 Birthday I thought what the heck, lets try e cigarettes! I rolled into the only Vape Shop for 50 miles and met two Lovely Ladies who would change my life. These two Sisters sold me my first Vape device, a Joytech eCab and a bottle of Blended Tobacco eLiquid and suddenly, as if by magic, I was a non smoker.

My first Evod Starter Kit
It didn't take me long to realize that while the eCab was beautiful and a lot of fun.. it just had too many fussy bits that left me fiddling with needle bottles and little can atomizers at 5 bucks a piece to replace.. often.

Then I discovered the Evod Starter Kit from Kanger and I was in love. It had two tanks and two batteries so I could recharge one battery while vaping the other and I could have two flavors running.. so I bought a Cinnamon flavored eliquid and was happy for a while... until the cinnamon clouded up my tank and I learned that some eLiquids are "Tank Crackers".

Trusty Protank
Luckily for me Kanger had just announced a new innovation in vaping.. The Kanger Protank. This featured a glass and metal tank that was impervious to my cinnamon vape. It also provided much more vapor and flavor.. speaking of flavors, this meant I could now have three flavors running at one time!

The only problem was that buying locally was breaking me financially and I had begun to realize that local shops were charging twice to three times the price for vaping supplies, the cost of keeping the doors open I suppose, but I had had enough and I had so many people inquiring about my new vaping habit I started making videos and trying to find links to the products I was recommending.

I couldn't find reliable sources for Authentic Kanger products on the net, back then web stores were opening and closing quicker than you could place an order and get it. So I ordered a bunch of Evod Starter Kits and started to hand them out. I also bought myself some Protanks to have even more flavors running at one time.. but my friends kept mooching them off me after they had their starter kits for about a week so I had to order more in self-defense.

Then I decided to open a small web store.. just Starter Kits and Protanks.. nothing too big or lofty, just someplace people could order from through links on my Youtube videos. The rest is history, I suppose.. little by little I added more requested items, and as my knowledge grew, so did my customers through my videos and I ended up ordering new and varied stock.

MVP 2 Should be in everyone's arsenal
Some products were clinkers.. like the SMOK DCT Pyrex Cartomizer Tank, I still have a boatload of these if you are a Cartomizer Freak, (I know you are out there.. Come to me Children), and some are winners that have stood the test of time like the SMOK SID and the iTaste MVP 2. Both of these items are still in my daily rotation and even though I have dabbled on the "Dark Side" of Dripping, tank style vaping is still very mach a way of life for me.
Oh! Those Lovely SIDs!

After all, Law Enforcement frowns upon distracted driving and dripping while in motion it has never been a skill I could acquire, but I did attempt it, just for the record. The steering wheel is still sticky no matter what I use to clean it, so let that be a warning to you!

We've come a long way in vaping after two years, new and more exciting products are being released everyday to add to our vaping pleasure. The only clouds on the horizon are the FDA regulating us to death if they have their way and local governments taxing the crap out of us as a sin tax as if we were still buying cigarettes.

The answer, of course when it comes to these issues is to get involved. CASAA and The Vape Militia are two organizations who really have our backs and should be monitored and joined by anyone who wants to keep Their Right to Vape. We know regulation is on its way, but lets make sure the regulations and laws fall on our side and not Big Tobacco. Keep abreast of the news and act accordingly when you know something is about to go down in your state or town.

Other than that, I'd have to say that Vaping has had a tremendous impact on my life. I have met new friends at Vape Meets, which I highly recommend, in fact, I INSIST you go to one near you! Not only will you meet new and interesting people but you will have the chance to learn hands on about new equipment and you'll be able to trade eLiquids and devices.. for your Vaping Pleasure. Here is a link for Vape Meets and Events around the country.

I've lost 40lbs. I'm not sure if vaping dessert flavors was the key or if by quitting smoking I became empowered to do more for myself. I began going to water aerobics and walking more with my new found strength and lung power. I just plain felt better about myself for having done something positive just for me.

My Partner in Crime has given up smoking and vapes as well. we now have a smoke free home and vehicles, such a pleasure to travel now without those terrible smelly cigarettes hanging around! I can't even imagine emptying an ashtray now... my youngest Son is now an official Vaper now too, even trying his hand at building coils, such a Clever Boy..LOL, (He's 32).

I hope your vaping journey is as pleasant and interesting as mine has been and I wish you all success in you vaping endeavours. If your ever in Florida, stop by for a swim in the pool and a vape! Remember to friend me on my personal page on Facebook, I love rubbing virtual elbows with other vapers, be they old or new!

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