Monday, February 9, 2015

Non Sub oHm Build on a Dripping Atomizer Regulated MOD or PV, High ohms Means Safer Vape!

Typical Dual Coil Sub-ohm Build on a Mech MOD

A Good Friend taught me that with a good regulated MOD you can wrap a higher ohm coil, (above 1ohm) and still get massive clouds and even better flavor!

I stayed away from dripping with an atomizer because of the inherent risk of sub ohm vaping on an Unregulated Mechanical MOD or PV.

Even with the proper batteries charged fully I felt like I was holding a pipe bomb in my hand and flinched a bit when I tried it.

Regulated High ohm Dripping is the Next Big Thing and is bringing more and more Vapers into the dripping fold with its safer and more flavorful build.

First you need a Dripping atomizer, ANY dripping atomizer, (even that old iGo W4), I am a huge Fan of the Cloned Doge V2, The Mutation X V2 and the Dark Horse V2. I know there are newer atties on the market but these have passed the test of time and hard usage and will remain the ideal in vaping for some time, until they come out with something revolutionary. After all, it's all in the build and air flow, not really about the type of atomizer.

Dark Horse RDA
You will also need a regulated MOD or PV. I recommend something with wattage that goes to 30 watts or higher just as a good investment idea, we are a long way from being done with atomizer, dripper and tank designs meaning sooner or later someones going to build something you'll want the wattage for. The VaporFlask (original or clone), is a good option, as well as the Zen ZNA or the MVP 3. The eLeaf iStick is a contender for those on a budget, but keep in mind it is a budget variable wattage device and may not act as reliably as you need.

Now for this build you have to chuck all the Sub ohm ideas out of your head and think "Single Coil". Yes, I said Single Coil. So many of us think if the dripper has the room for it, we have to stuff as many coils into the build as will fit. Not true. I single high ohm coil is going to do all the work and you'll be surprised at how good this is going to vape.

Doge V2 RDA
Start with 28 gauge Kanthal and the Steam Engine Coil Wrapping Calculator if you are working with other types of wire. Plug in your numbers and remember, this is a High ohm build so you want a target build of about 2.4-2.6 ohm. On a single coil. This will mean about 12 wraps on a 3ml winding jig, or something close to that considering the calculator.

Other than this obvious difference, the build is the same as the old Low ohm or sub ohm build. Wrap your coil, anneal your coil with a torch, Mount to the posts of your atomizer, check your ohms and for shorts, snug down your screws and wick with your organic cotton or other safe wicking material. Juice up your cotton and coil, recheck your ohms and for shorts again, then mount on your regulated device, turn up to about 15 watts at first and vape away. Keep upping your wattage until you get the vape you want, I find my sweet spot at about 20 watts. Yes, I said 20 watts. Because of the higher ohm build you don't have to throw the heat to it to get a great vape. So that's it! Simple and easy!

Mutation X V2 RDA
I never seriously considered dripping until I found this safer way to vape.. low ohms on a Mechanical MOD can be dangerous in inexperienced hands, and while I consider myself a Two Year Veteran wrapping coils for Protanks, Kayfuns and atomizers in general, battery safety kept me out of this arena for some time. Now I can blow clouds with the Big Boys in a safe and more flavorful manner without worrying about my batteries venting due to sub ohm mega power draws.

I'm not knocking Sub ohm Vapers, they are a force that isn't going anywhere too soon. I have friends that still wrap .03ohm and haven't blown themselves up yet, but I don't like to stand too close to them when they start ripping on that mech MOD. Granted, most Regulated MODs now can fire an atomizer or tank down to .5ohms, but I think you'll find the smoother, cooler flavor of the higher ohm build to be an excellent thing to try and perhaps even adopt as your favorite way to vape!

Single Coil High ohm Coil On Vaporflask Clone

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