Sunday, February 1, 2015

Nemesis Starter Kit with VW Kick, Choice of Tank and Charger All In One!

Nemesis Starter Kit All In One!
Here's something I've wanted to offer as a Custom Starter Kit for some time now, a complete Nemesis Starter Kit than can grow with you as you become more experienced! You start with a Nemesis and 15 watt SMOK Kick, plus your choice of a Nautilus or other tank to get you vaping like the Big Boys! Later when you are more experienced you can switch it out for cloud chasing with an RDA!

I have had this in mind for a long time, as some people are starting out with unregulated MODs and RDA's simply because they want the look and feel of a MOD. With this set up, they can vape safely with the Variable Wattage SMOK Kick and tank until they become more experienced. Then they can change out the tube by removing the kick and kick ring for 18350 stealth vaping, or add the 18650 tube, (included) and an 18650 Battery, (not included) to enjoy cloud chasing!

Truly the Best of All Worlds as you have a choice of the Aspire Nautilus, Mini Nautilus, Kanger Aerotank or the Kanger Protank 3 for you tank vaping pleasure!

Enjoy a real MOD with the safety of regulated Vaping! We start with a Tobeco Stainless Steel Nemesis MOD, add a 15 watt SMOK Kick for regulated variable wattage, and tank of your choice plus Battery and charger for an All In One Package that will have you vaping like a Pro! Includes 18350 battery. This unit will be set up ready to vape with kick installed and set up for tank vaping. You also will have the option to use your Nemesis as an unregulated device, just remove the kick, and remove the kick ring for stealth vaping in 18350 mode, (battery included) or add the extra 18650 tube, (included), and insert an 18650 battery, (not included), for cloud chasing! This Personal Vaping device will grow with you as you become more experienced!
Included in your Kit:
  • Stainless Steel Nemesis and all tubes for any configuration
  • Trustfire T-001 2 Bay Charger
  • 18350 Trustfire Battery
  • Tank, 15 watt Kick, 18350 battery, Nemesis
  •  Either a Nautilus, Nautilus Mini, Aerotank or Protank 3, (your choice of one tank) 
If you like what you see, click on and photo or This Vapor Lady Lounge Store Link for this and other great products!
Nemesis with Protank 3

Nemesis with Full Sized Nautilus

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