Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2 Years Vaping..What I used to Vape, What I Still Vape! Legacy Vapes

Double 18650 Vamo, Hammer and VTR
Here is a look at some of my favorite Legacy Devices.. from 2013, it sure is interesting to note that most of these devices are still in play!

My VTR went the way of stripped threads.. but the Hammer, (is now my Son's favorite), and the Double 18650 Vamo are still going strong!

As far as the tanks pictured, I still use my Protanks, but the Kayfun has passed to my Son who builds a pretty mean coil on it.. just not enough vapor for me..

My MVP 2 and Mini Protank 1 & 2's are still in play also.

As you can see, I have a bit of a thing for wrapping my devices in leather. I'd love to do this for other people but the time and the risk of having someone send me their precious device in the mail to custom wrap it for them is daunting, at the very least! Maybe when I have more time... and less sense! LOL
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Here is My SID and tank collection from October 2013, the SIDs are still in play and are my favorite driving and go to the beach device.

With their bold colors and classic design they attract the right kind of attention from the Non Vaping Public, they don't look like drug or weapon like devices to the untrained eye.

The SMOK DCT Carto tank is not in use anymore, just not a Carto Tank Gal, but there are those out there who still use them exclusively! I have a few in stock left if you are so inclined... and the replacement cartos!

I still use the Protanks and the Black Octopus Dripper is now in my Sons hands, he wraps a nice 28 gauge 2.4ohm coil on it and vapes in regulated on the Vamo! Proof that Legacy Devices don't have to wither away!

The Vamo and Protank Collection
Next we have the Protank and Vamo Collection, they are still in play and still beautifully wrapped in leather! The Black one has been converted to a double 18650 but the brown one is in my husbands hands and the pink/blue/white lighthouse wrap is still in my daily use, I like to use it as a base to build coils on and read ohms as I go!

The important thing to remember about all of this is that your Legacy Vapes can still be good for you! I don't just leave a device behind because it is no longer the "Big Thing".

I like New Toys as much as the rest of the world, but I don't toss anything in the Vape Drawer and forget about it. If I no longer have a use for it I bundle it up and pass it along to a New Vaper at the very least.

I have moved on to Dripping and Regulated devices such as the VaporFlask and the Zen Lite and I love the new Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus Mini for even more vapor and flavor, but my old tanks and old MODs or PV's, (Personal Vaporizers), are still my "On the Go" devices for shopping and driving.

Never Leave a Good Device Behind! LOL


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