Thursday, December 4, 2014

Reflections on a Year and One Half Vaping, Is Vaping Good For You?

Joyetech eCab Starter Kit
I year has come and gone since I bought my first Vaping device, a Joyetech eCab. It was what got me off cigarettes, but it was a lot of bother finding atomizers which clogged at the third refill and a small battery that made it stylish, but not something someone could depend on to quit smoking.

It had a funny drip tip refill system that was sorta messy and leaked a lot. But it sure looked nice and I still use it fondly...

It wasn't long after that I moved on to my Kanger Evod Starter Kit. This is what it took to stop smoking and stay off cigarettes for good. Having two batteries meant I had no excuses to smoke because of dead batteries and I had two tanks for different flavors. I chose a Tobacco Flavor and a Cinnamon Flavor. Having variety made a difference. I bought the lanyards and they were my constant companions. I was lucky, I was able to switch to vaping immediately without getting withdrawal from cigarettes.

I had to learn to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, went through a phase where I coughed my lungs out, (lungs cleaning themselves of all that nasty tar), and I had periods of "Vapor Mouth" where I couldn't taste my flavors that seemed like they would never end.
Kanger Evod Starter Kit

Then I discovered that I could get glass tanks that would hold more eLiquid and be more durable with better, cleaner taste.
Kanger Protank 2

They would fit my batteries and looked beautiful. They were the Kanger Protank line.

From Kanger Aerotank to Kanger Protank 3, and their little Brothers who are stylishly sleek, the Protank Mini 2 and Protank Mini 3 I found my vaping happiness and became a bit of a collector of tanks and flavors!

It was then I started making a few Youtube Videos about vaping to share my experiences, I opened a shop to sell the few items I heartily recommend..and the rest, as they say, is History.

Is Vaping Good for you? It had been for me... I was borderline COPD and was going to require the use of a breathing apparatus at night and now I breath like a teenager. I've been able to take up underwater swimming and snorkeling when two years ago I could not even hold my breath. I've lost 40 pounds, partly because I vape dessert flavors to help curb cravings. I work out now and go for long walks. I don't stink anymore.

And on the social side I've gone to vape meets and met other vapers with wonderful stories of hope and inspiration. I've had fun traveling and visiting other vape Stores and meeting the Owners. I hear from Vapers everyday who started vaping with me and are still friends and customers.

It's a good feeling to have helped others and it's what keeps me offering simple, reliable equipment to this very day. I hope you join me on this vaping journey, if you need help, visit me on Facebook and friend me, we have some nice support groups you may be interested in!

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