Monday, December 8, 2014

LIVE Vaping Show! Sisters who Vape! Join Us For LIVE Vape Chat! The Vapor Lady Lounge Show! 

The Vapor Lady Lounge Show is back Live Tuesday Nights at 8:00pm eastern standard time! Join my Sister and I as we talk about the Vaping Lifestyle.. from Starter Devices to Advanced Vaping we cover it all and answer your questions directly and in person!

Being Young Ladies of a Certain Age, we face a different level of challenges when trying to quit smoking and start vaping than most people.

Most of us are looking not only to quit, but to do it effectively with an eye towrds practicality and fashion. Just because we are vaping doesn't mean we have to look like an Alien from Space as we do it!

We'll also be talking about other problems associated with quitting smoking, such as weight gain, hydration, exercise and diet.

We cover the entire spectrum for Ladies and Gents,  the "Older Vaper" who are looking for answers that apply to our particular situation.

Our Goal is to make sure that you, The vaper, have as much information as you can about vaping devices, from battery safety to maintenance and rolling your own coils.

We are here to help you make the best of your Vaping experience and answer any questions you may have related to vaping! Join Us for some Live Vaping Fun!

Click here for the Live Show Tuesday Nights at 8pm Eastern Standard Time!

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