Friday, April 11, 2014

Stripped Thread Innokin VTR Fix

VTR Stripped Thread Fix
VTR with stripped Threads cleaned
Inserting the 510 to eGo Adapter into the stripped threads
being stripped the adapter only screwed in to this point...

I have had a few emails recently about trying to fix the threads on the VTR, which according to the factory is not possible, so we are on our own to figure out a way to get those threads working for us again.

In this case we have used a simple 510 to eGo adapter by SMOK. We clean up the threads as best we can, and then forcefully seat the 510 connector so that is makes connection.

We aren't worried about getting the connector off again, it's installation will be permanent so make sure you get it on straight and really crank down on it to firmly seat it into a useable position.

After you have it seated and working you will have to add a protank or other skirting to hide the 510 adapter and your tank will set higher that you are used to it, but it is, for now, the only way to keep you VTR Functional.

I have these 510 to eGo adapters in stock at my Vapor Lady Lounge Store, they are made by SMOK and are rock solid!

In general, if you don't mind the look, these should be on every battery you have to protect your threads on the original device and also to block eLiquid from being able to run into and flood your battery threads.

And then had to be forcefully threaded from this point on
Adapter on VTR with skirt attached
VTR with Protank 2 Mounted on new adapter

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