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FDA Regulation: What It Means to Vapers Using Electronic Cigarettes to Stop Smoking and Start Vaping

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The FDA has officially gotten involved in vaping. They were ordered by Congress in 2009 to take over the regulation of all tobacco and tobacco delivery systems. This not only included electronic cigarettes but also smokeless tobacco and cigars that have been unregulated up to this point and doing just fine, Thank You, without Government Intervention for over two hundred years.

This is a government organization supposedly formed to look after our health and welfare, which is repugnant to any American that believes they have the basic human right of "Doing For Themselves".

Do they actually do that? Well, let's look at their track record with cigarettes. According to their own experts, and according to multiple Surgeon Generals, cigarettes contain known poisons and are responsible for killing thousands of Americans every year. Pharmaceutical companies make drugs every year that are approved by the FDA that later turn out to be unhealthy and downright dangerous. Why haven't they been taken off the shelf for our protection?

The FDA overlooks the use of poisons meant for human consumption so long as the offending company pays it's dues to the government in the form of taxes and registration fees according to a monetarily based agreement reached by the FDA. The Tobacco and Pharmaceutical companies pay a LOT of money to the government. They pay and they get to continue killing us with their products!

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Every year more and more taxes are levied by supposed "regulating" rules from the FDA.  No one is "protected" by these actions. Money is exchanged for the right for you to do with yourself as you please. We shouldn't have to pay the government to allow us to exercise our Liberties.

April 24, 2014 the FDA came out with a set of proposed regulations that will severely restrict the ability of Vapers to buy, sell and use their products. We have 75 days to respond on their comments page and then the new regulations will go into effect in two years time.

In a nut shell the Regulations will cover Cigars, Smokeless Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes, three products formally allowed to trade freely with no apparent problems.

The FDA seeks to control how these products are designed, created and delivered to the public. They insist that any innovation or design changes to any vaping device be approved by them first. This can take up to two years and thousands of dollars being spent by manufacturers, which will crush Small Business and allow Big Tobacco to be the only ones with enough money to put forward new products and have them approved.
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They seek to call ANY Vaping Device, even those that do not use nicotine, as a Tobacco Product and therefore tax and regulate them as Cigarettes are. Those that vape zero nicotine eLiquids are still going to fall under taxation and regulation as if they were using nicotine.

They want to place age restrictions in place to prevent under age children from vaping. I have no problem keeping children from vaping, our industry has been "self-regulating" just fine keeping electronic cigarettes out of children's hands.

I feel if your child is using something you do not approve of, YOU as a Parent are responsible to discipline them, not the government. Using the "ruse" of protecting children just makes it easier for the government to take your personal rights away from you. Regulating morality has NEVER worked and it is up to us to be responsible for our children's behavior.

So what does this mean for you? It means you do NOT want the FDA regulating vaping for our "health". Their track record proves they don't give a darn about your health. And being a government agency, they rely on your laziness. If you do nothing, they win by default.

If you want to protect your right to vape what you like, to purchase vaping supplies then you need to get involved. Here's how:

First, stop using the term Electronic Cigarette when referring to vaping. These are NOT cigarettes, they are NOT pipes, they are NOT hookahs. Mostly, they are NOT tobacco products of any kind. Do not help them make that connection. 

It's time for every Vaper out there to sit down and do a little homework. Open up your word processor and start writing about your personal experience with Electronic Cigarettes, or Vaping Devices. Just draft and outline and fill it in. Make it touching, make it personal, make it to the point. Tell your personal vaping experience, with emphasis on why it worked for you.
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Start with how many years you smoked and your frustration at your being unable to quit smoking and list every way you ever tried to quit and what happened. Be sure to include if you had bad experiences with the smoking cessation drugs or had problems with nicotine gums and patches.

Be sure to mention what nicotine level you vape at and any reductions or elimination of nicotine you have made since you began vaping. Emphasis should be placed on the vapor being a healthier smoking habit replacement and is not so much about the nicotine itself, (they really have no idea what is going on with the nicotine thing, they have no concept of anyone vaping if there is no nicotine involved).

Tell them how vaping has made your life better.
Speak of your goals in life now that you have better health and a better life.

Make mention in your story that you don't feel that Big Tobacco should not be involved in making Vaping Devices since they have a track record of intentionally misleading the public.

Stress how non regulated and and non taxed vaping products have saved your life and that the additional financial stress and burden of taxing and regulating is not acceptable to you and you will fight any move by the government to interfere with the right you have to do as you wish with your body as concerns vaping.

PLEASE do not spend time ranting about how you will start smoking again if you don't have vaping available, THEY DON'T CARE. They have been assigned the task of regulating Electronic Cigarettes by Congress and they are going to do their best to regulate and tax vaping as ordered by YOUR Government Representatives in 2007. It is MORE IMPORTANT to stress how you will NEVER give up the fight for your right to freely vape without government interference!

Ask family members to also write down how they feel about you vaping, a child's drawing of Mommy or Grandma playing in the yard because she can breathe now will go a long way, (use a drawing program on your computer).

Have these family members and friends submit their comments and sign petitions in support of you, if you can get three family members to testify for vaping you have increased your opinion by 4! Numbers do count in this war!
Let's return Government to a Place of Servitude not Policing!

Most of all, be honest and level headed in your response. You don't want to sound like a desperate fanatic, you want to be the kind of person who would be considered approachable by public figures for your rational opinion, not be deleted out of the system because you are insulting or offensive.

Diplomacy, not spiteful rage, goes a long way towards sitting down and settling your differences with the opposition. You are only as Ignorant as your Opponent believes you to be, don't give him the ammunition to blow you out of the water.  

Now, after doing this, edit savagely to distill your message down to about a two minute read, you won't have much time to get you message across, it should be short and compelling.

Then.... use this as a basic document for all purposes related to vaping, it can be edited for Congressmen, the FDA, and any other Government concern that may try to remove your right to vape.

THE FDA and the Government if not as powerful as you think! Remember the recent Powdered Alcohol Debacle? They were shut down in one week because of consumer complaints, so let's make sure that on this issue of Vaping Rights the Anti Smoking Folks aren't the only people commenting...and please when you comment on anyone's postings, include the link to post your opinion to the FDA, let's give it a positive spin....

MOST IMPORTANT: Contact the FDA and Make sure they know exactly how you feel. 

Here is the link to the Proposed Regulations from the FDA:

Use CASAA's site to gather factual information and include links to this information. here is their latest opinion on the current FDA regulations:

So start by signing this Petition:
Some feel this petition was not well written, but none the less, sign it if you agree.

Call this number and let the FDA know that vaping helped you stop smoking tobacco products and that your health has improved as a result:

Here's where you can submit your comments for the next 75 days
this IS your most important link:

Then... Call and email your area Representatives and demand they get involved for YOU. They are, after all, your employee. They work for you and not the other way around. Remind them that you will vote for their opponents come election time if they do not support your right to freely vape without restriction of ANY KIND.

Start with your Governor which you can look up here:

Your other Representatives such as Congressmen can be found here:

I am hoping us "Elder" vapers will lead the fight for the Right to Vape!

Raise your Voice!

Keep Our Right To Vape Freely!

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