Friday, April 11, 2014

Behold! A Custom Brass and Stainless Steel Nemesis in Silver and Gold!

Stainless and Brass Nemesis Combine to create a New Look!
Brass and Stainless Nemesis Tubes before assembly
For those who want a Nemesis of a different color, we offer the Stainless Steel and Brass Nemesis made from Tobeco Nemesis and KDS.

Each unit is assembled and tested before shipping to insure a good smooth fit!

The Nemesis is the MOD Battery of choice because of its ability to be configured any way you need it and all parts to do so are included in the original build.

From sub ohm 18650 battery configuration to 18350 with a kick or fuse, the Nemesis has it all for the modern vaper, all wrapped up in gleeming Brass and Stainless!

The Nemesis makes a Great First Mech MOD for Newer Vapers because it is so straightforward and easy to use.

The Nemesis appeals to the Ladies as much as it does the guys because of it's slim sexy profile with few fruferaws to clutter up the look.

If you have been looking for a good replica clone MOD, you can't go wrong with a Tobeco/KTS Nemesis. It will become your favorite Vape!

We consider the Nemmy to be the Basic Black Dress of the Mech Mods and is a must for any serious vaper!

We have the Duo Color Nemesis available in our Vapor Lady Lounge Store and will back your Nemmy with Our impeccable after sales service. Buy with confidence!

Nemesis Silver and Gold Parts after assembly

Brass and Stainless Steel nemesis Combinations

Brass Shirt and Pants Nemesis in various sizes

Art Deco Nemesis with Mini Protank 3

Brass and Stainless Nemesis combinations

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