Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vaping Next Step: Mechanical Mech MOD Batteries, What is the Best Mech MOD for Vaping? The Nemesis

Tobeco Stainless Steel Nemesis
If you're looking for the Best Mech MOD, (or Mechanical MOD), nothing beats the Versatility of the Nemesis.

What is a Mech MOD?

MOD Refers to an earlier time when Vapers who wanted bigger batteries or more interesting set ups, they "MODIFIED" just about anything from Flash light Tubes to Carved Wood Boxes and lozenge tins into a Vaping Device.

So a MOD is anything that will hold a battery and fire an atomizer using a simple switch or up to and including adding chips, display panels, battery chargers, coffee makers, what have you.

A Mechanical MOD is a MOD made with no wiring or fusing or regulated chip inside to control the flow of voltage. It has two states. "Off" and "On". It is essentially a tube with a switch on it to fire the atomizer when it is attached.

These are handy for those who wish to explore the path of building sub ohm atomizers and don't want any bothersome "Safety Regulation" getting between them and their right to "Blow Themselves Up".

Is that all a Mech MOD does? Are Mech MODs just for Coil Building Enthusiasts? The Mech MOD is a great way to enjoy your everyday Vape, be it a Protank 1, 3 or 3, or just about any 510 connection tank or atomizer. If you want to regulate your Vapor, you can add a Kick, (or Chip), that will fit inside your Nemesis and add Variable wattage to your device, making it as good as any Vamo or SID, (less digital screen menu, of course).

Tobeco Stainless Steel Nemesis
What are Clone Mech MODs? These are almost identical copies of very popular, "Designer" Mechanical MODS costing hundreds and out of the reach of the average Vaper.

Are Clones Bad? Yes, they are. They take hard earned dollars away from Artisans who put a lifetime of experience into something that has been cheaply fobbed off as the "Real Thing".

Experienced Buyers know that when they buy a "Clone" they are buying a "Fake" and often a "Lesser" product. There are rare exceptions to this rule.

Clones are known to be of less quality and are usually quite noticeable as a Replica so the Buyer knows what he is getting and pays accordingly.

For many of us, we would never have the opportunity to try a certain type of vaping device without the the reality of clones being available. It's a "Must Needs Be" sort of thing.

I began my Mech MOD Journey with a Tobeco Clone Stainless Steel Nemisis.

The SS Nemesis is rebuildable into any configuration you may need it at, it will work, with 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries. It has an extension ring if you want to add a fuse or a Kick to add Variable wattage to your Mech MOD.

It has a nice firing button on the bottom which converts to magnets quite nicely for a smoother throw. It has a 510 connection that is silver plated and adjustable, it has an adjustable Air Flow Control on the top rotating ring for your recessed tanks that need air.

It's locking ring is recessed and the overall design is sleek and smooth. This explains its overall popularity compared to other Mech MOD Devices.

Tobeco Stainless Steel Nemesis

Nemesis: Vapor Lady Lounge Store Nemesis MOD

The Nemesis because it is the most versatile of the Mech MODs, it can be configured any way you need it and is known for it's simple, yet elegant design.

Kayfun: The Kayfun Lite 3.1 Plus (pictured below) is Available Here
Vape Porn, Brass Patina and Stainless Steel Nemesis Combination Steals the Scene on St. Patricks Day.

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