Friday, March 21, 2014

Our Full Time RV Lifestyle and Vaping, The Vapor Lady Lounge RV!

Our Full Time 2012 Road Warrior Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler
Our Lot at Shell Creek resort

Lots of Privacy, Great Cement Pads
Just thought I'd do a random album type thing showing you where we live in Florda!

Note The "Vape Mobile", my 2013 Prius so I can go to Vape Meets Far Away!

If you want to know more about my Full Time RV Lifestyle, you can visit my Full Time Road Warriors Blog.

We Just Celebrated our First Year Anniversary at the park by moving to a new lot and beginning the process of settling the Old Girl in permanent, (more or less).

We are staying at Shell Creek RV Resort, (a Carefree resort). We have truly enjoyed our time here enough to decide to put down roots here.

We wont be buying a Park Model anytime soon though, we still love the luxury and roominess of our Fifth Wheel over any Park Model we have toured.

 We are also celebrating another one year milestone, we both quit smoking and started vaping and year ago, making it our new lease on life and new small business!

Once we got savy to what works and what doesn't, we started making videos on You Tube to help others, and eventually that turned into a small Internet Vaping Boutique called the Vapor Lady Lounge.

Check our site out if you've ever been curious about the Vaping Lifestyle... we specialize in "On the Road Vapers" and have converted many to vaping in the Park. It's a Good feeling to help your neighbors get away from a very bad habit and see them get their wind back and sense of smell after a lifetime of smoking.

Our View of Our Neighbors

My Home Patina Nemesis

Home Patina Original Protank

Some of my "Happy Family" Collection of Vape Gear

Vaping at Stump Pass Beach, Florida

More Random Vape Gear

Happy Vaping in Florida

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