Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Make Your Brass Nemisis a Relic by Adding Patina! Experiements with MOD Brass and Copper Patina's

The Future "Big Blue" MOD on Right
My First Patina Attempt

I saturated a paper towel 4 layers thick in vinegar on a paper plate, sprinkled it with sea salt until crusty, microwaved the plate to heat the towel and then placed the Nemmy in the steaming towels and let sit until almost damp dry, then carefully unwrapped and let dry with the salt stuck to it.

The nemmy on the left was done this way, the one on the right was sprayed with bleach cleaner spray after unwrapping and sat overnight.

Salt and vinegar gives a lighter effect, hitting it with a bit of bleach spray while still wet from the solution gets you some really different green patinas to, but never mix bleach and ammonia, the fumes are deadly!

The one on the left was sealed with beeswax furniture polish, the right was coated with acrylic spray finish.

It was after enjoying this configuration for a while I began to think of redoing the patina using an ammonia solution. I made 2 tries on the Nemesis Brass Patina Mod before I got what I wanted:

"Big Blue" Ammonia Salt Patina on Brass Nemesis in 18650 Mode Exterior as yet Unsealed
 I love how the Patina makes the brass and copper skin look wrinkled, when it is just an optical illusion.

This was done by wrapping a Nemesis 18650 configuration, sans cap and firing button, with paper towels saturated in Ammonia and Rock or Sea Salt. I used about three Tablespoons of Sea Salt to one cup Full Strength Ammonia.

I sprinkled the salt on ammonia saturated paper towels and folded the paper towels so the salt did not actually physically touch the outside on the MOD but when saturated with ammonia would dissolve.

I placed the solution into a sandwich type plastic storage container and placed the wrapped Nemesis into the solution, rolling it around to assure a good etching into the brass. I did this for 4-6 hours.

I then opened the container and tied a plastic string around the outside of the sandwich box so that the nemesis could be suspended on the cord without touching the lid or the bottom of the container once it was sealed.

I refreshed the solution and sealed the suspended Nemesis in the sandwich container without touching the nemesis except by the very edges. I let the MOD rest this way overnight, occasionally lifting the lid and turning the Nemesis so the Patina developed more evenly.

The next day I continued to turn the device, it became very dark looking, but not especially blue. Once I saw a good blue sheen develope, I open the lid outside and let the device dry naturally, but still over the ammonia with the cover loose another night. This seemed to dry it so much better and it actually appears shiny instead of dull. Exposing it to the damp Florida night air while still suspending it over the solution added a almost sealed appearance.

All Patinas mellow and fail, even with sealing. It is it's nature to change.

Of course, we Patina Vapers are all aware that these patinas will change with time. The patina below was bright and beautiful, in just two weeks it has begun to turn toward the green and brown. This is fine for someone like me who will love it for it's character, or I'll sand it off and begin again!

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