Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Look: Kanger Protank Mini 3 Dual Coil Mini Protank 3

Protank Mini 3 on a Tobeco Stainless Steel Nemesis
Protank Mini 3's Schmexy Good Looks on a simple eVod
Kanger Protank Mini 3 Dual Coil
Here's a Quick First Look at the Kanger Protank Mini 3, a New Pyrex Glass Tank Dual Bottom Coil Clearomizer from the Folk's at Kangertech...

First of all... What is This?

This is a Fully Dual Bottom Coil Tank.
It gives you the option of rebuilding your own coils or just popping in a new one every couple of weeks.

The Atomizer has two heating elements to create amazing vapor, even with a lower powered battery such as your Evod Starter Kit battery or a variable voltage SMOK Winder or Spinners.

The Tank is Made with Pyrex and is fully replaceable if broken using the Legacy Mini Protank 2 or Protank Mini 3 Replacement Glass.

Lets put all of that aside and just take a look at this easy to maintain, solidly built vape.

It's Schmexy, in a Very Adult Way. It makes me want to dig out my "Slinky" smoky grey dress and "Cruise the Main" on a Saturday Night.

Although I have it set up currently on my Tobeco Stainless Steel Nemesis with a Kick and a 510 to eGo Adapter, this vapes well on a modest eVod Battery and surprises the heck out of you on a SMOK Winder, Vision Spinner or Twist Type Variable Voltage Slim Battery.

After a Season that saw the predicted premiere of 26650 batteries and designs that border on the Steam Punk to Unreal.... it's time to take a second look at slim eGo sized batteries in brushed silver  and the elegant 1.5ml cylindrical tanks. They have the loveliest of the Vaping design and and are a MUST for those going "Out and About".

Simple Changeable Pyrex Glass Tube , 1.5ohm Atomizer, Drip Tip
The Protank Mini 3 is a Powerhouse of Flavor and Vapor given it's design, it's only drawback would be the inability to put it down for even a minute and the many times it has to be refilled because of the aforementioned affliction.

I would like to see an Airflow Control for  the Protank Mini 3, as there is for the Original Protank, Protank 2 and Protank 3. But for now, the draw is great and provides good vapor, I'm sure the Airflow bases will be backward compatible when they are released, just like the Aerotank Airflow was released and works with previous Kanger Products. (Here's a Spoiler Alert: The Aeroflow base DOES FIT and WORK in the Protank Mini 3, you just have a very odd looking configuration).

I would also like to see a 510 connection instead of having to resort to adapters for use on a Mech MOD. Creating the Mini Aero flow would be the obvious next step with a 510 adapter.

The Protank Mini 3 Short Barrelled, Wide Bored drip tip is a nod to the recent discovery that sometimes it's better to have a Short Big Hose, rather than a Long Skinny Straw.

Other Tank and Tip Designers have shown us that this is a better way to deliver your vape and Kanger's first crack at the Short Stainless Wide Bore Drip Tip is an astounding success. Heat transfer is minimal, if it exists at all and a short quick draw brings the flow of flavor across your tongue in a Dense Fog.

This is a Great Next Vaping Step for New Vapers on their way up, this will look great on your old batteries and will move seamlessly with you as you move on to bigger and better MODs in the future.

This is a Great Collector Tank for those who pursue the perfect rebuildable bottom coil tank and want a really good vape besides.... the Protank Mini 3 has it all, looks and performance at an even more reasonable price!

Overall, I would have to add this to my collection. The Protank Mini 3 has really transcended small glass tank vaping. It is still a tank that can gurgle occasionally and if you HATE Protanks, this isn't the one that will win you over to the Dark Side.

But if you want something that is both elegant in an understated way and could be vaped with Ties N' Tails, this is your "On The Town" Vape. You wont be disappointed as you have been with some Pen Type Tanks.

Join the Vapor Lady and Doyle for a Vaping Canoe trip where we try the New Protank Mini 3 on a Stainless Tobeco Nemesis. Sit back and enjoy our paddle down Shell Creek in Punta Gorda Florida!

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