Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lovin' The Hammer Kayfun Lite Kit and Yes, It is a Clone...

Behold! The Hammer Kayfun Lite Clone

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Ok, here's where I break into a sappy song, "You Light Up MY Life" because I need the lyric, "It Can't Be Wrong, if it Feels So Right..." because Never Before has it felt so Good to Be So Bad.

It's Clonin' Time My Friends and I have become a New Convert to all things "Reproduced". Yes, I got my Tobeco Hammer Clone and it was so F'ing awesome I almost didn't notice the Kayfun Light attached securely to it's "Phony Baloney" Copycat 510 Kato Connector.

I played with the Hammer for a couple days, using my Protank 2 and 3 with gay abandon when the luster began to wane and I spied with my little eye the neglected Kayfun Lite that was laying neglected in it's little box nest still.

I pulled it out warily and took it apart, (I HATE people who get things and take them apart before they know what they are), and found to my astonishment that it came with a pre wrapped coil on it. This led me to open the top and fill it up, (WRONG, WRONG, WRONG), and begin to vape.

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I nearly fell over and assumed the position of a fainting pig...it was yummy!...it was rich with flavor!...it was THE BEST VAPE I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED! I KID THEE NOT.

I looked askance at my rack of Protanks and other Sundry Vaping Devices with an eye that clearly meant, "You are Soooooo History".

I Vaped Long, I Vaped Strong and I Blessed the Day I Stopped Smoking.....


If you are an experienced Vaper, (This means you know what a MOD Battery is and you can wrap a Protank Coil), you MUST get this Kayfun Lite Clone or One of its ilk.

You can get the Kato Hammer MOD and Kayfun Lite Clone in a kit at The Vapor Lady Lounge Store right now if you like by clicking this link.

If you want to wait a week or so I will be getting the Kayfun Lite + In Stock and you can purchase it alone. But you must get this tank if you are serious about vaping. Seriously.

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