Friday, December 20, 2013

Vapor Lady Lounge e Cigarette Review Mystic, NJoy, Blu Cigalikes Shootout On The Beach!

Join the Vapor Lady and Doyle for a comparison of Njoy, Mystic and Blu Electronic Cigarettes, or cigalikes, as they are called by Vapers,on Casperson Beach in Florida. Surf, Sun and Fun Vaping Florida's Beaches!

We are Vapers who use Electronic Cigarettes, or Personal Vaping Devices to enjoy the sensation of smoking while leaving the cigarettes behind. We share our knowledge and experiences with those who are looking for answers themselves about vaping and the different equipment available for the best possible experience.

We have a small Internet store and live in sunny Florida, we are also Living Historians who travel the country teaching young people about History by re enacting at Cultural Events.

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  1. Good point, it can't be worse then the cigarettes, but this is not interned to be a full time replacement for a decent pipe. I have done this quite a few times over the years with NO ill effects. The weed burns well and if you can find something else instead of the foil for a bowl, hey more power to ya!
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