Thursday, December 12, 2013

Building the Perfect Vaping BEAST a Two 18650 Battery Vamo 2.1

Proudly rising above the crowd....really, the only way to vape Pluid
Ever since I started Vaping the Vamo I have always wanted to make the "Double 18650 Battery Vamo" of Myth and Legend.

When I purchased my Hanosen Build Vamo it arrived with an instruction book and directions that clearly stated that the Vamo would safely operate with 2 18650's and in fact, there was a photo illustration to back this idea up.

I had never built this unit because I didn't have enough tubes, (it takes three vamos to make one Double Battery Vamo), and I had read so many horror stories of what could happen if you tried to vape this particular combo. Everything from the Vamo blowing up to batteries venting and mother boards frying were the obvious predictions.

Yes, it Vapes

After consulting with a friend who regularly vapes a Vamo rigged with one 18650 and one 18350 battery with no ill effects and despite warnings that he was in eminent danger of blowing his handlebar mustache off I decided to take my chances and see if I could build the "Perfect Vaping Beast" myself.

All descriptions of creating this monster included the warning to start with a virgin pair of 18650 batteries that are from the same batch and charged consistently at the same time.

I actually ended up using an 18650 SID tube, I'm sure a ZMax or similar tube would work also.

I then wrapped the tube in black leather to make it look slick.

By now you are wondering what that is on top of the 510 connection between the battery and the Protank 3 that adds another 3 inches to the BEAST. It's a VTR extension tube.

The BEAST Vamo in comparison to a regular 18650 Vamo

Got my long, flowing Vapestash On!

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