Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pink Frosted Illusion - MVP 2 Leather Cover Lanyard

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Can you believe it? Guess who finally had some time to do a little creative leather working!

I wanted a cover for my MVP 2 to both protect it and make it possible to tote it around on say a hefty lanyard, (these beauties are HEAVY!), or shove it in my purse without scratching or setting things off.

I came up with this design because I like the "Cake Chef" type of shows and I wanted an cover that would be fun, pink and look like frosting. This unit fits the bill nicely!

I designed it so the unit slides in and out easily when you want it to, but is tight enough that it wont slide out when you are bending over.

I also used hide glue and nothing else to hold it together so there are no awkward seams anywhere!

This is just the prototype and I look forward to making many more to have fun with, (when I have the time..LOL).

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  1. Do you make leather cases for mods? You could make a killing. I had a friend pay over $50 for a vamo mod case that hangs around his neck. Nice job on the MVP case.... REAL NICE!


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