Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kanger Protank Clone Wars

As an internet e cigarette store owner, I get hundreds of emails a month from Chinese Vendors who offer to make me clones of anything I want. Trademark, Copywriting and Patenting are a different thing on their side of the world. It seems "anything goes" is the general rule.

I will use the Protank for example. This was a product developed by Kangertech in consortium with an American Consultant, (Edward at Before the Protank even hit the streets there were already three different manufacturers who had "acquired" the design and were producing clones, logo and all. None were of comparable quality, and were priced well below Kangers asking price.

The result was I was inundated with emails and comments on my instructional videos and blog about problems people were having with these copies, having bought them from US Vendors who passed them off as real.

I have stood toe to toe with local shop owners and pointed out the obvious clones in their showcase only to be rebuffed and told they are, in fact the real thing. Having worked closely with kanger on product development myself, I know a real product when I see it so I actually try to explain to them why their product is a poor copy. They aren't interested, and in fact, having bought the clone at a cheaper price, they are asking the full retail of an original and laughing all the way to the bank.

So it's not just the Chinese who are taking advantage of people, US Vendors are buying these obvious fakes and passing them on to the consumer without regard for customer or the future of our industry.

The eventual result is a consumer who is fleeced and left with an inferior product that does not perform correctly and therefore becomes discouraged with their vaping experience and returns to smoking cigarettes. These are generally the people I end up dealing with in my Blog, Videos and Internet Store.

I do not really have a problem with clones as there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about them, they are a fact of life and they aren't going to go away. I do have a problem with Vendors who pass these items as the original and charge the original's higher price, then refuse to back up their shoddy equipment with a warranty of any kind when it fails to perform. This is the actual threat to the future of our industry, unscrupulous Vendors with no regard for the welfare of the consumer.

I myself buy from actual Company of Origin. This insures a product I can sell with confidence and back with a warranty, but I have made little headway in the industry because my prices reflect original quality and everyone is out buying clones.

The answer is education, which I do in my videos, and in my blog that attempts to deal with the issue in a meaningful manner. I keep writing, talking and communicating to the public about this issue, our industries only hope is that these problems come to light and the consumer becomes informed of the truth. Then they can make up their own mind whether they want to gamble with a clone or pay extra for the "real thing".

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