Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vape Mail - The Sentinel V3 Clone Mechanical MOD Review Pt 1 of 2

I get new Vape mail I share with you, featuring the Sentinel V3 Mech Mod Clone Review! I do not profess to being and expert on Mechanical mod batteries but I will be taking a class in Rebuildable Drip Atomizers, (RDA's) and Rebuildable Atomizer tanks, (RBA's) and want to have a battery that will work with low ohm coil builds.

There are also those who think buying Clones of good mechanical Batteries is wrong and I tend to agree with them on that point, having been a jewelry designer for 10 years and having all my designs ripped off and sold by third parties at one third my cost.

That being said, I needed and entry level battery that would do the job, albeit not as well, nor near as lovely as the real Sentinel MOD which can be found at this link: Genuine Grand Vapor Sentinal Mechanical MOD which is made in the Philippines.

Once I become proficient at building atomizers and become and enthusiast,  I will be glad to pay more for a hand made battery.

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