Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Mini Protank 2 is Here and We Have Them In Stock Now!

Yes, The long awaited Kanger Mini Protank 2 is finally here and it has a surprise, this version does not have a changeable drip tip!

After swallowing my initial disappointment I filled one up and tried it out. I proclaim it's a very good vape, somebody has been fine tuning this tank to the point where it is in danger of becoming my New everywhere, do anything carry about.

Designed to be taken apart for cleaning, maintenance and if you want to change the glass or gaskets, this unit is turning out to be one of the best ideas Kanger ever had.

Lou, at Kanger, has told me that when they do develop a drip tip style top, they will make sure it screws onto this tank. Also there are whispers of a 510 base that will screw on if you want to go that route in the future.

Any way you ook at it, this tank is versatile and has options for the future of vaping, as well as being a darn good unit as it stands.

I have only 100 of these pretty babies available in my Vapor Lady Lounge Store, so get 'em while I got 'em!

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