Friday, August 2, 2013

Quit Smoking and Start Vaping Today with the Best Quality Starter Kit on the Market, The Kanger Evod!

Everyone has to start somewhere and most of us started vaping by buying a cigarette looking electronic cigarette device that just didn't work, or worse yet, we stopped by a nefarious vape store and bought a pricey e Cig kit that turned out to be cheap junk.

So we kept smoking and even felt worse about ourselves than before and resolved not to throw more good money after bad and gave up trying to switch to vaping.

The idea of this really bothers me a lot so I decided to put my starter kits on sale to make them a little more within the reach of the average vaper. I call it my "Sorry You Got Ripped Off Sale", and combined with my 10% Off your entire order, (JCDISCOUNT10% at checkout) I think you can see that you could give vaping just one more try and SAVE some money for once.

The difference this time is you will be buying a quality device, in fact, you get two complete personal vaporizing devices with batteries and tank, so you can charge one and use the other so you have no excuse to start smoking because your battery is dead. Or you can split the set with someone you love and give the gift of a longer healthier life.

The tanks that hold the eJuice are quality bottom fed atomizer tanks that are easy to use and clean, just fill them up and vape away. The atomizers are cheap and easy to replace when they reach the end of their useful life, or you can learn to rebuild them and save even more! At the bottom of this video I review and show how to properly use this eVod system. Take a look and see if you don't agree it's the best way to start out on your smoke free experience.

I personally back my products with personal support and if your not happy, I will do everything in my power to remedy the situation. After all, I started this blog and videos because I wanted to help people succeed in leaving cigarettes behind forever and there's no amount of money that I would want to make if a person was unhappy with my product and returned to smoking again.

Please give this a try. you will never see this kit at a cheaper price, and if you do, odds are it's not a REAL Kanger product and therefore you will be taking your chances on quality, which is what you should never do when starting out.
Buy all the cheap clone products you want once you know what you are doing, but take it from me, you are better off buying a quality product from someone you trust than taking chances you will start smoking again because your equipment failed you.

Below is the content of the actual ad on my store site you can access the actual store by clicking Vapor Lady Lounge Store or on the Kanger Evod Starter Kit picture at the top of the page.

Remember, at this price I am not making a profit, just covering my costs, but I hope you will be successful at quitting smoking and starting to vape, then you will become a customer for my supplies like eJuices, extra atomizers, or a new flashy glass tank to fit on the battery you already have.

Lets start a long and smoke free friendship together today. you can do it! I want to help!

The E-Vod is the most advanced ego series Vaping Device ever created

The most discouraging thing about switching from smoking to vaping is poor quality equipment that assures failure. Kanger consulted with some of our countries most influential vaper reviewers and users and then decided to build a rock solid unit that is easy to use and reliable to vape, besides being comfortable in the hand and pleasing to the eye.

The Evod meets and exceeds all of these requirements and is now the most sought after entry level vaping system ever. Thousands of people, including myself and my husband, can credit the Evod Starter Kit with being instrumental in being able to walk away from cigarettes.

It just works and here is why:
Evods are easy to to fill and use. You simply screw off the bottom and add eliquid, screw it back on, place on the Evod Battery and vape. The tank holds 1.5ml of eLiquid, more than enough for a days vaping. The replaceable bottom heating coil, (atomizer), remains bathed in e-liquid at all times providing a smooth warm vape with no burnt taste, you won't need to always tip the device constantly to wet the wicks like most top wick atomizers and the heating coils, (atomizers) are simple to replace after a few weeks of use. You can even learn how to rebuild your own coils to save more money.
The batteries in this kit are 650mAh, and 3.7+ volt to provide more power than most ego batteries which are usually 3.2 Volts. These batteries should last you all day or longer, 2 days is normal. They feature a slightly recessed button to prevent purse or pocket misfires, and also have a ten second cut off if the button is held down too long for safety.
The tanks and batteries are universal, this means if you buy another type of tank later on, or another type of battery, your equipment is fully compatible with all 510 and ego equipment.
The best thing about having this starter kit is that you have two complete units, you can use the second battery as a spare so you have no dead battery excuse to fall back on when wanting to cheat smoking and use the second tank for a second flavor of eLiquid for variety.
Or you can gift one to someone you love and share the recharger. Couples often buy and split the starter kit and switch from smoking that day together. That's what we did and we credit the Evod for doing it. Give your loved the gift of a longer healthier life.
If I had to choose one device to vape for the rest of my life it would have to be the Evod. Reliable, easy to maintain, and attractive. This is not a vaping device you have to hide in public, it's fashionable styling and slim good looks make it a status symbol worth wearing.

Battery capacity: 650 mAh
Voltage: 3.7-4.2V
Tank capacity:1.5ml (with replaceable heating coil)
Switch: 5 times click to turn on/off

Whats in the box:

2 Evod batteries

2 Evod clearomizers

5 heating coils (2.2ohm Atomizers)

1 usb cable

AC power adapter

Size: L-137mm x D 15mm
Shipping weight: 0.3kg Warranty: 6 months

Be sure to check out our other Tanks, Clearomizers and Glassomizers, all are interchangeable and compatible with this starter kit.


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