Saturday, August 3, 2013

Last of the Great Classic Protanks in Leather Look Case When They're Gone.... They're Gone!

Just before Kanger introduced the New Protank with silicon gaskets they released a final version of the original Protank with improvements to the draw and strengthened the base. I bought 50 of these in the padded leatherette case because I knew there were people like myself who wanted more of a really good thing.

The new Silicon gasket Protanks are a major redesign with an all new column in the center. I'm sure they are a great product and everyone will want them. I plan on ordering them and having them in my store.

The problem being, many people, like myself loved the Protank just the way it was. We loved the airy draw, and the great flavor. I never thought I would have nostalgia for a tank that came out only three months ago, but these are the last of their kind and will never be available again once stocks are depleted.

These are actual Kanger tanks, not the knock-offs mass produced by clone companies. It is offered in the original leatherette case that makes a great storage box that will hold five Protanks side by side and a few spare atomizers thrown in. They're great to throw in your purse or back pocket and look good while their doing it. They will never be offered again.

This tank is simply the victim of the axiom that says "The squeaky wheel gets the grease", a chosen few people complained bitterly that they didn't like the way this unit vaped and Kanger caved to their griping and redesigned the entire tank while eliminating the original.

Probably not smart in the long run, thousands of us bought and still enjoy this tank. We mourn its demise and we mark its passing with a good strong vape with our Protank Classic on a Vamo.

If you want the last of the real thing I only have less than 35 left, you can click on the picture above or you can click The Original Classic Kanger Protank to get a chance at the last of a great thing or go to my store The Vapor Lady Lounge Store to see what other wonderful items I have in stock for your vaping pleasure.

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