Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kanger Mini Protank A New Glass Pyrex eGo Sized Tank Glassomizer/Clearomizer Review after one Month

It's been almost a month now since I got my Mini Protank and so far it's been vaping strong. The down side is that you have to fill it a couple times a day if you are a chain vaper, but other than that it performs like most Kanger Products, it is even superior in that I haven't had one gurgle yet and I vaped one almost dry on a road trip today.

I did have one come unglued at the bottom but it was because I had my cinnamon oil ejuice in it and this stuff will eat through metal. If this should happen to you, all you have to do is clean off the glue with a pocket knife and re-glue. I use Jewelry glue that I use when making jewelry, it will bond glass to metal in less than an hour. you can buy it at Walmart. If you buy one from me and it comes apart, (breaking doesn't count), I will trade it out for a new one and fix it up for my own collection, so I got your back on that one.

Some people have brought into question the glue used to seal these tanks and I'm the first to stand up and say this is hogwash, just about all glues used now are plastic derived and that's what tanks are made from so it's a rather moot point for people who have been stuffing themselves with poisonous chemicals smoking for a number of years before switching to vaping.

It's a non issue for those who vape ordinary eJuices, regular flavored PG/VG with flavoring won't do anything to the glue seal. It's just us hard core cinnamon/citrus vapers who drive fast and take chances with our eLiquids, and we aren't frightened by a little glue. Nor do we mind the occasional repair to our equipment. Re-glueing and other sundry repairs are all a part of our everyday routine and doesn't get us overly upset.

Anyhooo....The Mini Protank is still going strong and I am tempted to open up a few more and fill them up, (I only pulled 4 from the order for personal use, two for me and two for my husband), but that would eat into my inventory and I'd have less to share with all of you.

They are available in my shop The Vapor Lady Lounge Store, so if you've been searching and researching you can slip into my shop and pick some up if you've a mind to. There's other goodies like the Classic Protank in the jewel box and Puritanks to!


  1. How would jewelry glue compare to superglue on repairing these suckers? I've got a couple of Protanks that the glue has separated. I tried the superglue route and it was still ridiculously airy (moreso than normal.)

    1. Jewelry glue is designed to bond glass to metal and will hold forever. There won't be any further separations down the line. Super glue is more porous, leading to small air and ejuice leaks that will cause the tank to lose it's vacuum.

      Hope this helps!

    2. I'll definitely have to give jewelry glue a shot. I borrowed your hair tie idea and used a tiny black rubber band (like one you'd use at the end of a braid) around the seam of the glass to metal to make it less airy. It worked beautifully!

  2. What is that pink leather piece on your battery? Is it for a lanyard?


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