Monday, July 15, 2013

I Review The New Mini Protank, Protank Mini and Compare to the Protank on an Evod Battery

I Review The New Mini Protank, Protank Mini and Compare to the Protank on an Evod Battery.

Mini Protanks in Stock Now! Kanger Mini Protank or Protank Mini Review comparison to Kanger Protank featuring Kanger Evod Starter Kit 650mah Battery. Vapor Lady Lounge Review of Kanger Products.

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After careful research I have quit smoking and started to use eCigarettes, (a Personal Vaporizing System), to replace my use of nicotine with a far safer alternative.

I have chosen to research and use ecigs after having tried every other system to quit for more than four decades, I am making these videos for other women who also are addicted to conventional cigarettes and are seeking to reduce the dangers associated with long term smoking.

I do not endorse any particular product, but will be showcasing products that have worked successfully for me.

eCigs should not be used by people under the age of 18

Nicotine is a known to have health risks, so if you don't smoke, don't start Vaping or Vape Zero(0) nicotine level eLiquid.

Before quitting smoking or using a smoking alternative, you should consult your Doctor.


  1. Hi like you i have just bought a kanger mini i love it so classy and a must for any lady vaper.

  2. I was a smoker and it was not at all an easy task for me to give up the habit, but with best4ecigs-ecigs UK I had quitted smoking forever. These electronic cigarettes are available in different flavours and thus it becomes easy for me to quit the habit. I was a heavy smoker so, in the starting I started with high level of nicotine strength and slowly I started reducing the nicotine strengths. I this quitting with e cigarettes is an easy task and you are also not exposed to second hand smoke.


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