Monday, July 1, 2013

Building a Vaping eCig Web Store eCommerce Site While Slowly Losing My Mind!

Click on this Picture to see our new store!
Well, I guess it was inevitable that at some point I would start selling the vaping equipment that I endorse and believe in.

To that end I have spent the better part of a month plotting, planning, researching and developing a Website that would do justice to my business plan.

After much time emailing and skyping various Vendors such as Kangertech and DBox Technologies I think I might finally found the balance of products that I have used and that I can therefore heartily endorse.

I also had to do a lot of soul searching and asking myself if this is something I really wanted to pursue.

After all, the FDA and other government busybodies have taken precious time from solving truly important questions such as the homeless situation and world peace to cast a jaundiced eye on a few people who want to quit smoking and enjoy themselves at the same time.

But in the end I think that being able to offer the very products I review and endorse is a smart idea, this way when I endorse something I will be able to offer it for sale and back it up with a little old fashioned customer service. Hopefully I will be able to make a bit o' change to keep my own vaping habit under control too.
Above is a brutally honest picture of my "office" in my RV home looking out on a rainy day in Florida. If Clutter is a sign of Genius I AM FREAKING BRILLIANT!

Note the new sign above my desk in the window, my Best friend Sheila brought it to me last night and it seemed fitting to hang it where I could remind myself that perhaps I should shut my laptop once in a while and actually GO OUTSIDE and enjoy the paradise I now live in.

But maybe not just yet, I have over 5 thousand dollars of inventory ordered and on it's way to my door from far flung corners of the world, I still don't have my shipping and shopping cart details worked out and my dog has become resigned to being an orphan for the time being as Mom talks more to her computer screen than to her. Such is business.

I will, of course be posting my store on this blog when it is set up and provide a good link to it, so far I have Kanger and DBox Technologies on board for the Protank, Protank Mini and Puritank respectively. I will also be offering eJuice soon from The Vapor Island. Only the best, for the best, my loyal readers and Fans of my Videos.

I suppose I should get back to it, that web portal will not build itself!

Our new Vapor Lady Lounge Store is now up and running, for this week only we are offering 10%off our already super low prices!

Just enter the code: JCDISCOUNT10%   (All capital letters), at Checkout!

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  1. what payment gateway did you choose? I have noticed everyone states they wont let you use their payment services if you sell ecigs online.


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