Thursday, June 20, 2013

DBox Technology PuriTank Glassomizer 4ml Protank Alternative with Drip Tip Vape Mail

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong....

This is the new DBox Technology PuriTank Glassomizer, based on the Kanger Protank technology. It features an all glass tank and chrome body.

It uses an eVod type atomizer and is supposed to be fully compatible with the Kanger eVod atty.

It hold a full 4ml of eLiquid and comes with an interchangeable clear plastic drip tip.

This Clearomizer brings to the table the drawbacks claimed by Protank detractors. It allows the use of drip tips, (for those who don't like a metal tip), holds more eJuice, (Protank 2.5ml, PuriTank 4ml),  and has a slightly more restricted airflow, though not obviously so.

I think it is well built and is a nice addition to the Protank line, (although the company involved in its creation is in no way connected with Kanger), I love its HUGE tank and it vapes very well.

The only detractions are that the box shows a nice metal knurled drip tip and the tank actually comes with a plastic drip tip. The site I ordered it from, (SITE LINK has been closed), did mention this in their description so it wasn't a deception, but it does make you wonder where my metal knurled drip tip ended up...haha. It also has a poorly wrapped coil and I will be subbing in an evod coil very soon, but wanted to give it a try as is before doing so.

Update July 11, 2013: You can now order these items directly from me at The Vapor Lady Lounge Store

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