Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Waiting On The Protank Mini A Smaller Version of the Kanger Protank!

I just discovered this video in the ecigarette forums showing a new version of the Protank, The Mini Protank! After checking out Edwards Facebook, sun-vapors, it turns out that it is true, we will have a smaller version of the Protank soon!

Edward states that he doesn't think the video is legit as Kangertech wasn't going to release any pictures or videos yet, but a prototype my have been procured through sneaky measures and this looks like what has happened here. The reason I don't think it is legit is when he shows the base of the Protank, it seems to have a CE4 Clearo atty on it....we'll see...when these do come out, I WANT A DOZEN!

Update July 11, 2013: The Vapor Lady Lounge Store is now open! Drop by and check it out!  Get them while they are in stock!

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