Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vapor Lady Lounge Mad Murdock's Radiator Pluid eLiquid Review

Vape Mail! Just got my order of Pluid and had to share my first vaping experience with my friends. I don't order a lot of eLiquid over the internet as often it isn't worth all the hype, but Pluid stands as an anise based product that has people buying vast quantities and hoarding their supply, so that has to say something about it's quality.

This is not a paid endorsement, I ordered my Pluid just like anyone else and paid for it. I just thought you might like to share the moment with me as I try it for the first time. I am setting some aside to steep for a while, which I think will enhance it's flavors tremendously.

If you love licorice, I think you'll like Mad Murdock's Radiator Pluid, I know I'm a New Fan!

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Update July 11, 2013: Check out my new Store at The Vapor Lady Lounge Store

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