Friday, May 3, 2013

Vamo Protank Fix to Prevent Over-tightening, Improve Protank Draw

I show how to make a plastic gasket between the Vamo V2 and Protank that prevents over-tightening, airiness and also improves draw, increases vapor and full flavor! Love my Vamo and Protank!

Note: If your Vamo does not fire your Protank after placing gasket, try to snug it closer to the base and if that does not work, cut a thinner gasket. The gasket should be thick enough to prevent over-tightening but not so thin as to twist or crumple when twisted on.

Some people are using credit cards, (expired), or cardboard, I find plastic packaging it just right and is invisible in use.

Update July 11, 2013: The Vapor Lady Lounge Store is now open! Drop by and check it out!

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