Thursday, May 30, 2013

Make a Leather Vamo Lanyard Vamo Stand eCig Leather Battery Wrap

Update July 11, 2013: Check out my new Store at The Vapor Lady Lounge Store
Here's an easy scrap leather project that will make you a nice leather lanyard for a Vamo which also makes a relatively stable table stand.

You'll need a paper towel or toilet paper tube and heavy card stock paper
 Cut the roll to the length you want, at least half the length or more of the battery. If you want a snug fit to your battery, cut up the side of the tube and roll tighter to required size and tape temporarily. Remember to leave space enough around the battery for the layers of leather that will fold over inside the roll.
After sizing, draw a circle on cardstock the size of the end you will be closing.

Draw another circle around the outside 1/2" or more wider than drawn circle

Draw darts to ease in the circle into the tube

Lay tube on leather, roll out one wrap wide and mark

add 3/4" at the edge that will fold over inside and cut darts

Bend up tabs of the circle darts

Circle with dart tabs bent up
Draw circle with darts on the leather

Using Crafter's indoor safe glue dab glue on dart tabs

Glue down every other tab to get the circle centered correctly, then bend down the rest of the tabs

Dab glue on leather circle

Apply in the same manor as paper circle

Check leather for size, remember to cut a bit wider to meet over the thicker bottom seam

Apply Crafter's Glue evenly

Roll tube up and pull leather to meet at seam, if a little of the tube shows it will be covered...bend tabs to inside

Cut leather strips for side seams, one on each side lengthwise and top and bottom cap strips, glue on

Glue 3/4" liner to cover tabs on the inside and secure straps to your own design

Finished holders one on left was made tighter and tabs aren't finished yet, add leather strap or lanyard to finish

Update July 11, 2013: Check out my new Store at The Vapor Lady Lounge Store

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