Saturday, May 18, 2013

A New Way to Rebuild a Protank and eVod Atomizer Without Flavor Wicks!

Rebuilding a Protank and eVod Atomizer. A Great new way to rebuild your Kanger Protank and Kanger eVod atomizers without flavor wicks for more flavor and better Vaping! This Protank, evod fix helps with gurgling and leakage!

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Original Video I learned from:



3mm Silica Wick

32 Gauge Kanthal A1


  1. Hey, so glad I found you. I was having NO flavor with my fairly new
    Kanger ProTank and I am going to try this.
    Am excited.
    Thanks so much, Vapor Lady.


  2. Where do I get the tiny wire and the wicking string?
    Also, I have been reading a LOT to try to find a solution for this No Taste Problem and a lot of people are saying that when rebuilding the atty, you also get better taste not using the silica wicking thread but using another type, cotton something maybe????

    Anyway, again so glad I found you. It's hard to find another lady online to ask questions about these things PLUS you are very good at rebuilding the wicks/atomizers.

    Hope to be able to talk to you,

  3. Had to come back one more time to correct what I said in the second post. About the type of wicking, it was mesh wicking instead of silica, not cotton:-) They talked about getting much better hits, plus tons more flavor with the mesh.
    I have no idea what mesh is, but it seems you have figured out the problem already. That is why I am so excited.
    I have been quit smoking for 10 months and in the last 2 weeks, I have craved more than I ever did in the beginning. Just because I couldn't get any hits, nicotine or taste at all. It was killing me. So,
    for the third time, I am SOOOO Glad I found you.

    I won't bug you again unless I hear from you.

    Have a nice day,

    1. I'm so sorry I haven't got back to you, I have been busy and I somehow forgot to check my comments, so glad you stopped by to comment!

      I agree about the cravings coming on strong after a few months, I never had withdrawl when I quit but after three months I was desperate for a cigarette! I just kept vaping though and toughed it out, I also couldn't taste my eLiquids either, it was a bummer, but I am past the worst of it now.

      I prefer the silica wick, cotton has to be changed too often and I have to admit I am ignorant about wire wicks, it seems to fussy to me and I want to keep it simple.

      Sorry again for not getting back in a timely manner, I'll make a point of checking this daily for your messages or you can go to my facebook link or email me at

      Would love to hear more from you!

  4. I'm using the Evod BCC T3 I think it's called with 75mg juice. Wasn't getting a thing. Used to smoking hand-rolled handrolls, Bugler. Pack a day, 35 yrs. A guy told me to take out the top wick and go to a 1.8 coil instead of the 2.5 standard. Good head rush. Just like my ol' Buglers. I think now after 2 months' learning I can do this thing. All flavors taste horrid. did mixing in old Tobacco Absolut bottles, tolerable. Waiting for a sampler from a vedor, natural extract flavor. Heavenly I think is the name of the seller.

  5. Was using a clearo with 4 long wicks before I went to the T3 btw.

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