Friday, April 12, 2013

Protank Protector - Skinning a Kanger Protank with Duck Tape! A Duck Tape Mod for a Protank and Kanger Battery Cover

Yep, Here it is, one genuine Duck Tape Protank Cover I like to call the "Protank Protector". This Protank Skin is made form 100% Black Duck Tape and features a no slip grip and durability beyond belief.

I will not be selling this item, (EVER), but I will be boring you to death with a four hour long instructional video at the time and place of torture of my choosing.....

Just kidding Folks, I am planning to skin my Protank and Kanger Battery, (as well as my Vamo on the way), with glove leather, and this is how I go about creating a simple sturdy pattern that can be cut apart and reused over and over.

It looked so great in it's Duck Tapiness that I just had to grab some shots and some glory for being the first to create this original and unique "Protank Duck Tape Mod".

The Chain just adds somethin' don't it?

Update July 11, 2013: The Vapor Lady Lounge Store is now open! Drop by and check it out!
Yup, that's Duck Tape alright!

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