Thursday, April 18, 2013

Protank Lanyard that Restricts Air and cures Airy Draw at The Same Time

 I made a wire lanyard for my Kanger Protank using .45 gauge jewelry wire and inadvertently fixed the airy draw at the same time!

I needed a way to wear my Protank on a lanyard around my neck that held it upright and balanced so I got my .45 gauge jewelry wire out and ran the wire two short pieces through the air vents and joined them using two cinch beads on either side.

I noticed right away that my vape was stronger and more flavorful, and much less airy.

I have used this lanyard on ego twists as well a Kanger batteries and it works very well.

It's a kind of a bother lining it up every time I screw it on the battery but is worth it to get that extra flavor and a real nice way to suspend it from a lanyard.

The wire is also a bit of a bother when handling but I have gotten to love the draw it creates and so do not mind the wires protruding when not hung on the lanyard itself.

Below I show the lanyard attached, I simply made a lanyard with two lobster claw clasps on either end, they very handily hook into the two loops or the rings I added for better stability.

I will be making a video soon showing the entire process from beginning to end for making your own lanyard but if you are already handy at making jewelry, you get the idea.

Update July 11, 2013: The Vapor Lady Lounge Store is now open! Drop by and check it out!

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