Monday, April 1, 2013

Kanger eVod, Protank, MT3, Cleaning and Burning The Atomizer

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Gurgling? Soggy vape? Low vapor volume? Restricted airflow? Bad Taste? No Taste? Especially if you use Heavy VG or syrupy eLiquids or eJuices your eVod atomizer will become clogged with long term use and will taste "Funky" or lose flavor altogether.

A dirty atomizer can contribute to low temperature burns which can allow the atty to flood and cause gurgling. I show how I clean my atomizer between fills and how to do a proper atomizer burn to clean the coil.

This will help your atomizer burn hotter and cleaner for a better vape, extending the life of your atomizer for a week or more. This will also work for your Kanger Protank as well as your MT3.

Be aware that sometimes you can do a burn and it still will taste nasty, you can try to burn a second time but it could mean it is beyond repair and should be replaced. Some eLiquids just wont burn off and leave a stink that will never come out. I recommend you stop using such fluids, there are better eJuices out there that vaporize very nicely and don't foul your atomizer.


  1. I just got my first Kanger Protank. Thanks for the vid. It was very helpful. I will try this when it starts tasting like wet dog. :))

  2. I'm new to this vapeing stuff. I have a kangertech evod and I use space jam eclipse so anywho, when I first started vapeing I was getting good flavor and hit. Then it was getting weak flavor then no flavor. I though it was the coil so I bought a new one. Same thing no flavor. Is it the fact I'm used to the flavor and need to switch it up.for awhile? I don't know what else to do. Any help would be great thank you in advanced.


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