Thursday, April 11, 2013

All My Pretty in Pink Kanger eVods and Protanks!

My Personal Collection is growing everyday, but I have really been impressed with Kangertech Products such as the Kanger eVod, The Kanger Protank and the Kanger Battery at 3.7 volts.

I love the new Hot Pink eVod batteries that are only offered so far on the Kangertech site, (sold out at this time), and am very impressed with the long life and high voltage, (3.7volts) that these batteries offer.

The Protank does very well on them and I guess it makes sense that the Kanger Tanks work best on Kanger Batteries, after all, I'm sure they are what they are tested on!

On the left is my latest beading of a Protank on a Pink Kanger Battery, a Lanyard can be easily clipped to the bead work, which I triple enforced for this reason.

I am just having way to much fun with my new Kanger products!

Why do I love them so much? Of all eCigarette products, Kanger has taken the world of leaking tanks and burning cartos to a new level of working satisfaction, in a new world of vaping, they seem to understand that we want something reliable and stylish that doesn't require a lot of fussy business as eCigarette products have been in the past.

In the "Old Days" you had to deal with either eCigarettes out of the pack, (small vapor and satisfaction), or some type of "Mod" where they took the cartridge from the eCigarette and built some kind of tank system around it that leaked burned and required much fiddling.

The Clearo's were nice, but it still looked mediciny with its gradient marks on the side and the visibility of wicks. They also required a bit of messy maintenance and leaked.

Then came the Kanger MT3 and the whole world changed. It used a disposable (or rebuildable) atomizer that was on the bottom of the tank and required very little fuss nor muss to fill and maintain. Next came the eVod, a clear winner in the looks and ease of use category and then, of course, came the Protank, a VERY stylish move into the future of Vaping.

Although nothing is perfected in the world of Vaping yet, and who knows where it all will lead to, (Perhaps Lasers?), but for now, they is no better rock solid product that seems to actually have the Ladies in mind than Kangertech and their products!

Update July 11, 2013: The Vapor Lady Lounge Store is now open! Drop by and check it out!

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