Sunday, March 24, 2013

What is Vaper Mouth and How to Get Rid of that Dead Taste Bud Sensation When Vaping

Well, it finally happened to me, I was vaping along happily one day and suddenly I couldn't taste or smell anything. Nothing. Well, there was a taste but it was like a dog had crapped in my mouth. A very Big Dog.

I ran to the bathroom mirror and looked at my tongue, which looked like it had been covered with wallpaper paste. I brushed my tongue once, twice, three times and still the taste remained. I rinsed repeatedly with strong mouthwash, (heavy alcohol base), which seemed to loosen things up but even after this I could barely taste the mouthwash and my sense of smell was still missing in action.

I began to panic, my quitting smoking depended on being able to enjoy the flavors of vaping, I was even able to control my cravings for sweets by using strongly flavored dessert type eLiquid that I now could no longer taste! It seemed to me my senses were gone for good and would never return.

So I turned to the source of all my vaping information since I began this long  journey from Smoking to Vaping, the ecigarette forum and did a search on Vaper mouth. Turns out I am not alone! Coincidentally someone else had posed the very same concern as mine that very day.

It turns out that for more than one reason, our senses can just turn off and and give us a bad taste in the mouth. Smoking destroys our sense of smell and taste, the body recaptures some of its ability through compensation of sorts, but still you have been dealing with severely compromised senses for years.

When you quit, the tastebuds are overwhelmed with the new tastes and the lack of smoke it has become accustomed to for more than 40 years, so a rebellion of sorts in in order, namely, they shut down and go on strike. Just another of those darned symptoms that are supposed to make you reach for those nasty old cigarettes and start puffing away to give the senses what they are used to, (silly senses don't know how dangerous smoking is).

As you adjust to life as a non-smoker this shut down effect is likely to happen several times.  These shutdowns usually last anywhere from a few hours to a couple days.  Gradually, your tastebuds start firing up again and you'll just realize at some point the flavor has returned all on its own.

Also, incomplete combustion of the vapor can also cause the VG juice to gel on your tongue and throat. This can occur when you haven't rinsed cleaned your atomizer between fills and this could also be the source of your missing flavor.  Check to make sure your atomizers are running at peak condition, keep them clean and burning hot to keep buildup from turning your mouth to paste.

Constant exposure to the exact same flavor sensation can also cause your sense of taste to hit the high road. This happens because your so frequently exposed to the same flavor that your brain treats that flavor sort of like the taste equivalent of white noise. You tune out the flavor similar to the way you tune out the drone of other diners in a noisy restaurant.

Vaping will dehydrate you.  Vapor actually absorbs the moisture in the surrounding air.  Your mouth contains a lot of moisture, which the vapor will suck up like a sponge.

The result of this action is a dry mouth.  With an amount of the moisture removed from your mouth, a thin film might form on your tongue.  The film acts as sort of a barrier isolating your tongue (and taste buds) from the vapor.

When this happens, it's incredibly easy to fix.  Water.  Simply increase your water intake while you vape.  If you find there is quite a bit of film built up on your tongue, you can scrape it off with your toothbrush.  It's kind of a weird sensation, and if your family sees you, you might get funny looks, but it's quite effective at removing any buildup in your mouth.

On the forum it has a few really good suggestions from huffing coffee grounds, (a proven palate cleanser), to vaping a natural ginger eLiquid. All good suggestions but I needed to start right away towards regaining my senses before I lost them entirely and returned to cigarettes.

I my case the following worked to bring my senses back overnight:

I started changing flavors after every other vape, I also drank more water, sipping after a couple vapes and before retiring I brushed the mouth and tongue followed by a very strong mouthwash rinse to get rid of the buildup, I then had a menthol cough drop and took an allergy pill. (severe allergy season and brush fires here).

Today things are much better, I can taste the vapor again, and am continuing to switch flavors and sipping more water. I am also going to have a custom batch of Ginger made up for me at our local vape house, as suggested. The coffee thing did not work for me but perhaps I was just too far gone, will try again when I have our senses fully returned to me.

I hope this helps you and remember, the forum is always there for you, as am I, drop a note and we'll try to help.

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