Thursday, March 7, 2013

What is an ecigarette, (ecig)? What is Vaping?

You want to quit smoking but have failed at every attempt. You've heard about ecigarettes and maybe even tried those available in stores and gas stations only to find they are vile, don't last long and don't help you quit smoking.

First of all, what is an ecigarette really?

You've all seen the latest commercials for a particular brand of ecigarette, namely "Blu" ecigs:

A young man swaggers about the beach, (much like the Marlboro Man of Old), claiming it's time to make a change as he puffs on a blue light tipped cigarette. You get impression you will never be cool or get a date without that blue flashlight to lead you through the darkness.

All well and fine for men, it's a great product and has its recreational uses. Maybe you've even tried them or are smoking them now. Maybe you tried them and went back to smoking cigarettes anyway.

If you did it's because you didn't find the proper product for you to make your chances more successful. There are many products out there in the marketplace now that allow you to target what type of smoker you are and then provide the smoking experience you need, individualized just to you and you alone.

You have to define what kind of smoker you are to find out if "Vaping", (The act of inhaling nicotine infused flavored vapor through a vaporizing device), will be your best chance of leaving cigarettes behind for good.

Let's look inside and ecigarette and see what going on. It's really very simple, the traditional long part of the cigarette is actually a battery and the filter holds the actual working parts that ignite nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol, ( a safe, common food additive used in many over the counter inhalant drugs such as nose sprays and other food aerosols).

The nicotine used in these cigarettes is FDA approved pure nicotine the same as is in nicotine gum or in the patches you wear on your arm.

As you can see, the filter area is very small so it holds very little product. After a few hours of puffing, you unscrew the filter, throw it away and replace it with another preloaded cartridge. The battery is replaceable too and is simply discarded after use or recharged a few times by the charging unit itself. Very wasteful, in my opinion, not very eco-friendly either, all those plastic or metal filters piling up somewhere....

The Good Folks at Joyetech and other Vendors have invented a better reusable system that delivers more manually controlled amounts of vapor and a choice of any flavors you can imagine, as well as the ability to control exactly how much nicotine, (0mg to 24mg), you want to inhale at any given time.

The tank cartridges at the tip hold the fluid with the nicotine and flavoring, up to 2ml at a time so you can smoke all day on one fill. The atomizer, or burner is cleanable and replaceable after many uses. The battery is much larger, offering control with a manual button to start the unit creating vapor at will, (instead of the ecig being on at all times and drawing on it to get vapor). The battery is large and will last for several hours at a time and is rechargeable.

The size of this unit is about the size of a small cigar, there are smaller units that still have all of the better options of a personal vaping system and the ability to choose and add your own liquids and flavors.

This is Joyetechs ECab which is the size of a Swisher Sweet or a Cigarillo:

Joytech also makes a cigarette sized ecig that works quit well if you need that cigarette look, the Joyetech 510:

this also allows many recharges as well as the ability to buy and reload your own nicotine flavor juices in a very slim profile.

As you can see, there are many products out there that, in my opinion, are better than the usual ecigarettes that seem to get all the press these days, there are quality options that put YOU in control of your nicotine delivery system to the point where you can reduce your intake over time and eventually leave regular cigarettes behind forever.

In case you are thinking that ecigs are bad for you, lets consider what you are smoking now. This image is from

Switching to an intelligent ecigarette or "Vaping System" puts you in control of your FDA regulated nicotine consumption, much like a nicotine patch or gum. It also adds the added benefit of giving you the "hit" or sensation you receive when you inhale the vapor produced by the system without all of the other poisons associated with the product that has made cancer and everyday occurance in this country.

Should you switch? Yes.
Should you start Vaping even if you don't smoke? No. There are 0mg nicotine eliquid products but why start something you don't really need in your life?

I don't necessarily endorse these particular products or vendors, there are many out there for you to try. Google "ecigarette" or "ecig" in maps and find a ecig store in your area. Most are well appointed, offering a tasting bar and knowledgeable people who can assess your needs and lead you to the right products for you.

The next post will be about my personal experience with ecigarettes and why I feel as strongly as I do about them. If I can save a Sister's life by encouraging her to try something that has worked for me, so much the better!

Update July 11. 2013: Attention Fellow Vapers! We now have a new shop showcasing only the products we have reviewed and tested! Click on this link Vapor Lady Lounge Store to see the New Protanks, Mini Protanks, Evod Starter Kits, Puritanks and other great reliable Vaping Products!

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