Friday, March 29, 2013

We Take a Tropical Vapation to The Vapor Island In North Fort Myers Florida A Great Vapers Paradise Ecigarette Store

A Vaper's Paradise Awaits at The Vapor Island in North Fort Myers, Florida
Co-Owner David Greets us between Customers
If you are in the Fort Myers Cape Coral Area in Florida you just have to stop by and see David and Tanja at The Vapor Island.

This is by far the friendliest and most accommodating eCigarette and eLiquid Store in South West Florida.

Even though the store is often bustling, David and Tanja make sure each customer gets individual attention and the information they need to get them jump started on their new smoke free life.

The Tasting is always Fine at the Clearomizer Taste Bar on the left!
When not educating new converts David often takes the time to help customers who have shopped either on the Internet or at other stores and are not happy with their purchases and experience.

He assesses their previously purchased equipment and finds out what failed them, then finds a solution that often involves minor repairs, slight modifications and helps them with problems other Outlets wouldn't take the time to address.

David likes to keep his customers coming back so he tries harder than the larger eCigarette stores who are only interested in an entry level sale. In the two times we've visited we've watched him resolve several problems for people who had equipment purchased elsewhere.

They are often so grateful they get choked up, (as we do as we look on), quitting cigarettes has meant so much to them and they felt they had failed. David takes the time to better educate them and makes sure they understand what they have and how to properly use and maintain it. They find out what they need to know to be successful at vaping and the smiles he gets as they go out the door with a renewed will to keep on quitting means more than money to this special entrepreneur.

David carries a nice assortment of Joyetech and Kanger Products as well as others, and is expanding daily as business picks up. From Starter Kits to batteries, replacement atomizers and accessories such as Lanyards and holders, David tries to cover every item needed to make your vaping experience a good one.

His eLiquid line is made entirely in the USA and processed on calibrated, sealed equipment that assures sanitary conditions and quality ejuice products. He can adjust PG/VG and nicotine levels to your particular need on the spot, a very welcome change from the "One Formula from God Knows Where Fits All" attitude of some of the other Vape Stores we have visited.

His eJuice tasting bar reflects his relaxed attitude towards his customers staying a while and finding what is right for them, he uses Clearomizer testers with sanitary covers so you can really enjoy vaping your flavor instead of choking on some dry cartomizer that hasn't been refilled in ages. If a clearomizer runs out, he quickly refills it, knowing you can't buy what you can't taste.

He also has a nice comfy couch and a large screen TV to sit down in front of and load up your new juice purchases, you can really relax and have a nice vape with your friends in a relaxed tropical atmosphere.

In summation, we heartily endorse The Vapor Island and have become loyal customers because of the individual attention we receive and the quality of the products David and Tanja offer. Our favorite eLiquids are "Tigers Blood" and "Beetlejuice", also their "Cola" cannot be beat, it tastes like the old time Coke.

David suggested us purchasing 30ml bottles of our favorite flavors this time as we often return every week and drive some distance from Punta Gorda. We thanked him for being so considerate but we had to turned him down, we would rather drive the distance and watch David and Tanja at work helping people and enjoying what they do, vaping new flavors and visiting when things slow down a bit. They are just Good People and we enjoy their company. You are more than just a Number at The Vapor Island, it's like a Tropical Vapation!

Contact Information:

The Vapor Island
1890 Suite E, North Tamiami trail
North Fort Myers, FL 33909
239-997-VAPE (8273)

Located in the Weaver's Corner Shopping Plaza, North Fort Myers, Florida

They are open Monday thru Saturday, 10-6, Closed Sundays

PS, The Website is new and therefore suffering the usual problems when starting up a site this size. David and Tanja hope that if you experience problems ordering, feel free to give him a call and he will take your order securely over the phone and get it out to you right away.

Some of the links are not working all the time yet and the checkout is still a bit flaky at times, so do not hesitate to call him to get you the supplies you need during regular business hours: Monday thru Saturday, 10-6, Closed Sundays, Eastern Standard Time.

Update July 11. 2013: Attention Fellow Vapers! We now have a new shop showcasing only the products we have reviewed and tested! Click on this link Vapor Lady Lounge Store to see the New Protanks, Mini Protanks, Evod Starter Kits, Puritanks and other great reliable Vaping Products!

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