Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Kanger ProTank Review With Both Myth and Truth

There is a lot of buzz out there right now over the miraculous new Kangertech ProTank. Take a sleek chrome, sexy new clearomizer tank from the Folks who brought you the T2, the T3, the MT3 and the eVod, add a delayed launch and you get a fever stricken group of followers clamoring to get one.

Is it worth the hype? Does it live up to expectations? Perhaps, but only if you are familiar with the functioning of Kanger products and like how they work. If you are a Drip Monster or a Cartomizer King, you probably wont be thrilled with the lighter draw and cooler vapor delivery.

If you are new to vaping, this could be a good introduction to the bigger tank systems with both ease of use and good delivery of vapor. It's stylish, space age looks don't hurt it either.

The ProTank is a less hassle alternative to the larger tanks, mine is working well and I enjoy it enough to have ordered a couple more. They have an airier draw that can be adjusted by modding the airflow and the flavor is more muted but has a fuller spectrum. The vapor is cooler than an T2 or T3 and the hit seems lighter because of it but the volume of vapor is big and robust.

These like 3.7 ot 4.2 volts in my experience and don't seem to leak at all out the bottom no matter what juice I throw at them. I haven't experienced gurgling or other problems reported, but I am a slow drawer how doesn't puff on the stem like a pipe. My husband puffs but his isn't gurgling either so that says a lot.

We got our ProTanks from Sun-vapers.com, he has a limited amount he offers as he gets them in. Everyone else should have them soon mid April. You can also get them directly from Kangertech themselves, they now have a direct to the consumer site, but don't hold your breath, they have thousands of orders to fill to their Vendors before they get to you.

Would I hold out for one? Sure. But don't let your expectations carry you away, it is, after all just another tool in the arsenal of heavy vapers and a good one at that, as far as I am concerned. It's appeal is its good looks and balanced feel, good vaping and ease of cleaning and modding, and, of course, the pyrex glass tank that is flavor impervious and beautiful at the same time.

It's a great tank for people who want something stylish and is easier than most to take care of. If your an experienced vaper who has tons of custom mods that do the trick for you, you probably won't be overwhelmed by its function but you can mod it to get where you want it.

I am an avid eVod user so it really fits my lifestyle, it's also a unit I don't mind being seen in public with.

Now we explore the Myths about the ProTank:

1) It's not real glass.

Yes it is, it is made of heat resistant pyrex glass

2) it will shatter easily.

No, it will not, it is quite thick and heavy, pyrex is famous for its durable cookware.

3) They are defective.

On the first shipment, there was a problem with the seal between the cap and glass chamber, it has been resolved and the tanks affected have been replaced.

4)The chrome finish will peal and scratch easily.

Not so, The chrome finish is very sturdy, I daresy more than most chrome products out there today.

5) They are cheap and made by slaves in China who just came out of the rice patty.

Will this old myth ever die? China has been creating and assembling every computer and electronic device you have in your home for decades now. They have their problems, just like we do, but they are hard working skilled people just like us, with all the foibles we share with them in being human beings. Kanger runs a nice plant with clean facilities and cares about its employees, visit the Kanger site and watch their youtube video of their plant. No sweat shop here. Just hard working people like us.

You can't blame the Chinese people for taking our jobs. Blame the good old USA for making it worth while for a business to ship our jobs over there. It would be like blaming your kids because you are so culturally messed up. Become enlightened. Your fight is with your own government, not a humble employee in a foreign land.

And finally, I like my Kanger ProTank. Will you like yours? Probably, but if you don't...send it to me and I'll pay your shipping, I know how to make them work right and will take good care of them for you.

Think of me as the ProTank Rescue Foundation. No ProTank should go to waste, I will take it in and give it a good life.

Update July 11. 2013: Attention Fellow Vapers! We now have a new shop showcasing only the products we have reviewed and tested! Click on this link Vapor Lady Lounge Store to see the New Protanks, Mini Protanks, Evod Starter Kits, Puritanks and other great reliable Vaping Products!

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