Friday, March 8, 2013

Natural Shell eGo Refiller Stand, No More Spilled eJuice!

Can this be right? Are you seeing what I am? This man is filling his Clearomizer without spilling his juice!

No fumbling, no mess, a good stable platform on which to refill his eGo C effortlessly.

This beautiful Cockle Shell also will double as his display stand too!

Could you ask for more?

 We just keep coming up with these great ideas to keep our eCig experience simple and pleasurable and now we are going to offer these items for sale for you in our Etsy shop.

If you are interested in our shell eCig stands, please click on the link HERE.

What a great way to keep your eCab and juice at hand in home or at the workplace.

I've been using mine all day and so far, not a single drip or can't ask for more than that!

It's also a very simple, natural and elegant way to wrangle your eGo and look great at the same time.

Update July 11. 2013: Attention Fellow Vapers! We now have a new shop showcasing only the products we have reviewed and tested! Click on this link Vapor Lady Lounge Store to see the New Protanks, Mini Protanks, Evod Starter Kits, Puritanks and other great reliable Vaping Products!

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