Friday, March 8, 2013

Lovely Natural eCig, eGo-C, eCab Stands and Holders!

Stand for Two eGo C's
We are avid shell collectors and we love to make things from our treasures from the sea.

It only seemed natural that when we needed an eGo and eCab holder/stand that we turned to the resource that we love and have a lot of!

The first is a coral/barnacle combination that holds two eGo C's with plenty of room in the front of the shell to lay a eCig ashtray style too!

Stand For One eGo C

The Second is a single Cockle Shell drilled to fit an eGo C, very simple natural, classy and stable, if I must say so myself...the bottom is sealed with felt covered craft cardboard to keep the eCig from falling through when moved from one place to another!

Stand For One eCab

And the third is a shell drilled to hold an eCab! It holds the ecig safely and wont tip or roll!

These are wonderful natural devices to compliment any eCig smokers Personal Vapor System and are offered for sale in my Sea Shore Gift Etsy site here!

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